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Fleece Fabric

Fleece fabrics are made up of finest quality polyester or other synthetic fibres. These are widely used for making apparel. Blankets, caps, and gloves are just a few other items that utilise this cloth. Fleece fabrics are well renowned for their comfort and warmth.

Honeycomb Fabric

Honeycomb fabrics have features like strength, toughness, and resistance to stretching and tearing. These are frequently used for many different purposes, like as upholstery, draperies, and even some kinds of clothing. Honeycomb fabrics also have moisture absorption properties.

Jersey Fabric

Jersey fabrics are a type of knit fabric created using cotton, synthetic fibres, or a combination of the two. The said cloths are used by manufacturers to create items like hosiery, underwear, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatpants, and athletic clothing.

Rib Fabric

Rib fabrics have weft strands packed closely. These are basically a fabric with raised ridges or lines running through it. Rib fabrics are used for making apparels like socks, t-shirts, and legging. These are appreciated in the market for their maximum elasticity and flexible properties.

Pure Polyester Fabric

Pure polyester fabrics are a synthetic cloth manufactured from petroleum-based materials. These are a sturdy material that won't wrinkle, shrink, or fade. Pure polyester fabrics are less permeable than other materials, making it occasionally uncomfortable to wear in warm weather.

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